Stay Gone

Stay Gone knows what they’re up against! A 5 piece Pop Punk/Rock band from Akron, Ohio formed in 2019 with the goal of writing songs that they love, playing shows and reaching as many people as they can!

Drawing influences from almost every genre, Stay Gone feels rooted in the late 90s/early 00s pop punk and emo scene. Not concerning themselves with the “already been done” and “heard it before” mentality, they aim to create songs that feel familiar but also feel new. Songs that feel personal, not only to themselves, but to the people who listen.

Stay Gone knows hooks. They know catchy. And they want you singing every word! And where they shine is their high energy live show. They will keep you paying attention from the minute the first note hits till the second the last one rings out. Stay Gone wants you to have fun. They want you to get involved and get rad!

Stay Rad Ain’t Gotta Get Rad!

Stay Gone is:
Sam-Lead Vocals
Dana-Lead Vocals/Bass
Todd-Lead Guitar
Ryan-Rhythm Guitar

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