Through This Fire

Crafted in the crucible of a global pandemic, MESSMAKER’s debut EP Through This Fire captures the resilience of the creative spirit. With lyrics that embody the desire to not only push forward despite crushing adversity, but also to bend that adversity to one’s will for self-improvement and personal progress, the songs speak to the universal struggle to find hope in a frightening world. 

MESSMAKER guides us through the flames, to come out the other side reborn far stronger than we entered.

1. End of the World (2:43)
2. More Than You Believe You Are (4:03)
3. The New Contagion (3:50)
4. Not Going Under (3:39)
5. Get Down (2:35)
6. Invincible (feat. MixedFeelings 216) (3:14)

Produced by Michael McFarland & Eric BertagnolliEngineered by Michael McFarland at Spontaneously Combustible Studio in Cleveland, Ohio
Mixed & mastered by Eric Bertagnolli at Eric Bert Audio in Warren, Ohio